The revolution of Social Media led to many changes in how every industry does marketing. From exploring destinations to booking trips and sharing journeys, social media activities have become integral to today’s digital travelers. 73% of people acquire vacation ideas from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In fact, more than half of people say Twitter helped them in considering travel brands.

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1.The Perfect Place to Know the likes of your client:

Social media page is the best way to get to know somebody. You can understand what their requirements are based on what they like, the pages they follow and what they post.

2. Engaging your clients:

You must also keep in mind the interactive aspect of the social media platforms.
There are a number of ways to engage your client like – Join travel forums, engage in discussions with your target audience and Reply to their queries.
It will help you communicate with them more effectively. This will help you design your trip plans according to the requirements of your target audience. The result: more number of travel enthusiasts will respond to your travel plans.

The most avid among vacation-goers are millennials, who are reportedly the biggest spenders on travels. What’s unique about this generation is that they rarely seek help from professional travel services. Only 10% of millennials say they used travel agents in 2014. Who do they listen to? Social media stars! If you want to grab these clients and influence their travel decisions, social media is the place to do it.

4. Branding

You can use Social media to create your brand as a trustworthy brand and create a proper online reputation by getting your existing customers to share their experiences on your social channels and posting reviews of your customers on your social media profiles. Share some travel ideas, offer helpful travel tips and offer your customers with unique reads to keep them interested. Having the right content will help you attract more customers.

5.Photographs and Videos
Creating highly engaging videos and capturing photographs will help take your company’s image to the next level.
You may hire professional photographers to take impeccable pictures of your offerings and even create exciting videos that redefine travel goals.

6.You Have Huge, Devoted Social Audience
This method of marketing will not only convert the viewers to your customers but also save you big bucks. Spending a hefty amount of advertising dollars will catch eyeballs, but it won’t necessarily translate into purchase intents. People nowadays, especially millennials, are increasingly skeptical about misleading and exaggerating advertisements.

7.Social Media influences consumer behavior patterns

As much as 52% of the Facebook users admitted that photos posted by their friends helped the design their travel plans. With the large number of registered users sharing their experiences and pictures from different trips, it is becoming the perfect platform for prospective travelers to research for their travel destination.

From destination picks to restaurant choices, influencers guide their fans to exciting journeys in life. With a few delightful captions and creatively-executed visuals, they are able to turn otherwise generic stuff into the latest trends.


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