Increasing sales of your Travel company requires a through Marketing and Sales Strategy and is a process. Here are some tips of how to increase sale in a travel agency or a tour operator business.

Travelomatix Features

1. Have a unique offering

Be unique and listen to your customers. Take feedback and inputs from your customers and work on improving. Offer a service or a customization that they can’t find anywhere else.

2. Have an Integrated software

It helps to be tied up with Global Distribution Systems. Providing your customers with a complete easy and safe is a good way to be competitive is having the best possible rates on a worldwide range of high quality transfer services, car rentals, attraction tickets and excursions.

3. Partner Programs

The best way to reach out to more people and increase your sales is by having business relationships with partners. Business partners can help you reach new markets, new customers, get new ideas and so many more! Design a program that will create a value for your business as well as the Partners.

4. Offer a value added service

The best way to increase your revenue per customer is by adding a complementary offer to the experience like a complimentary lunch or a dinner. Know what your customers want and give them. Combine different products into a unique experience. For example, create a package and try to offer a better price by combining hotel, flight and activity. Value added services will satisfy your customers and make them come back to you.

5.Social Media

It is very important for you to have social media presence. From exploring destinations to booking trips and sharing journeys, social media activities have become integral to today’s digital travelers. 73% of people acquire vacation ideas from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Social media helps us create a brand, understand your customer needs and helps the growth of your business in many ways.


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