When it comes to designing your company’s website it’s all too easy to get tied up in glossy images, fancy fonts and ensuring that it sells an image of top-notch quality to visitors. However, it’s surprising just how easily the factor of usability falls by the wayside. Yet it is usability that lies at the very core of Travelomatix Technology and it must be taken into account to ensure your visitors come back for more.To focus on usability, you must peer at your site through the eyes of your target user, assessing how effective it might be and how much satisfaction or frustration they might have when navigating it.


Usability checklist

First contact  

When a user clicks onto your website, is it easy to understand and clear to navigate or does it take some deciphering or explaining? In order to minimise bounce rate, ensure your site encourages familiarity from the offset with ease of navigation.


Consider the goals of your user. If their objective is to book a hire car or lock down a flight, how clear is the sequence of actions leading to this goal? A website with good usability will guide visitors straight to their final goal with ease. Lots of navigating away from your site to third parties simply offers more chances for customers to abandon their journey.

Return visitors

Ensure the usability of your site sticks in the mind so that return visitors remember exactly what they are dealing with. Research from Expedia revealed that travel consumers visit an average of 38 websites before making a booking – if yours isn’t one of the easiest to use, expect to lose out to the competition.


Fonts that are easy to read and contrast with the background, clear branding, text in manageable chunks and, of course, sparkling content are all key design elements which contribute to overall usability.

Travelomatix is an award winning travel technology platform, enabling the travel agencies, tour operators and holiday companies to leverage the key benefits of OTA platform. Travelomatix as a brand, is identified by improved ROI for customers while leveraging using the “travelomatix technology” and superb client servicing, leading to customer retention and customer base expansion.


Travel Booking Website

We know travel websites like the back of our hands and know exactly how to use design, layout and the usability factor to promote your business. However, launching a client’s website is just the start, we also offer branding services.


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