Amadeus GDS is known as one of the best global distribution systems across the globe. Amadeus software uses the web services and using which online travel booking systems could be connected with amadeus travel inventory. So basically amadeus gds software is travel software connected with amadeus gds system.


Amadeus helps your travel business grow by connecting you to the travel marketplace. Amadeus technology can also help you work with your travel partners. Amadeus travel distribution system gives travel providers the reach to make their content available through all channels. For a travel seller it means access to the richest, most relevant travel content.
By connecting with Amadeus you can find new travel business opportunities. By accessing our community and its single data source you can grow your business. This means discovering new revenue streams, cross selling and integrating with other travel players. Amadeus aims to build a global travel community where all our customers can come and do business together – a unique travel ecosystem, envisaging new and better ways to shape a more connected travel future for you.


Amadeus helps you manage your travel business by understanding your business and offering relevant and valuable travel management solutions that help you save costs and generate more revenues. Amadeus travel technology helps empower and optimise business processes, procedures and reporting. Amadeus has products and services for business intelligence & reporting, payment & financial management and business process management. You can also find all office solutions as well as a large portfolio of consulting services. With Amadeus travel technology solutions and services you can grow today and shape a sustainable travel future for tomorrow.


Travelomatix Travel Technology is well integrated with Amadeus global distribution system. Travelomatix is an award winning travel technology platform, enabling the travel agencies, tour operators and holiday companies to leverage the key benefits of OTA platform. Travelomatix as a brand, is identified by improved ROI for customers while leveraging using the “travelomatix technology” and superb client servicing, leading to customer retention and customer base expansion.

Software gds


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