Travel technology is the application of Information Technology (IT) or Information and Communications Technology in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Travelomatix is the powerful voice of the travel technology industry and the leading product that promotes innovation in Travel Technology, helps connect consumers and travel providers and eliminate barriers to travel. Travelomatix was formed to take advantage of the significant weaknesses and inadequacies in global Travel Industry in terms of Travel technology, quality, and customer satisfaction. Travelomatix is focused on providing the best in class technology to Travel Agencies worldwide. In just a year, the company has shown exceptional results.

Travel Booking Software

Travel technology was originally associated with the computer reservations system of the airlines industry, but now is used more inclusively, incorporating the broader tourism sector as well as its subset the hospitality industry. While travel technology includes the computer reservations system, it also represents a much broader range of applications, in fact increasingly so. Travelomatix analysis, designs, and implements IT and e-commerce solutions in the Travel industry as well as branding for the customers.

The dispersed nature of the Travel Industry creates a need for computer systems to stay connected. Computer systems allow communication between branches and locations which makes it easier to streamline reservations and cross-company policies. They are also used internally to keep all of the staff on the same page and make it easier to access information that can improve the guest experience: guest preferences, housekeeping information and reservation details can all be kept on a single system. Likewise, mobile based applications also play an important role in the Travel Industry. We, at Travelomatix offer our technology through all the platforms to keep up with the market trends.

Travelomatix is a perfect combination of a great product with a great service. We provide our clients with most technologically advanced product and offer them differentiated service based on their needs. Branding is very important for business and we at Travelomatix provide that for our customer backed by our technology.


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