Travel Agents and Agencies must be used to spotting trends. It’s a natural part of the trade in an industry that changes globally. What was successful one year might not work as well in the next one.Technology has led to exponential advancements in all spheres of life, travel included. It’s shaping the way we want to travel, how travel agencies interact with us and the places we want to go to. Here are some of the things Travel Agents must do in order to keep up to the trends:

Use good technology
Utilising the best technology can improve the efficiency of a travel business as well as create a more enjoyable user experience for customers. A robust content management system such as
Travelomatix, an award-winning Travel Technology can help streamline workflow, taking the focus off the operational side of running a travel agent and allowing staff to focus more time on the customers.

Travelomatix is an award winning travel technology platform, enabling the travel agencies, tour operators and holiday companies to leverage the key benefits of OTA platform. Travelomatix as a brand, is identified by improved ROI for customers while leveraging using the “travelomatix technology” and superb client servicing, leading to customer retention and customer base expansion.


Engage in Social Media

The revolution of Social Media led to many changes in how every industry does marketing. From exploring destinations to booking trips and sharing journeys, social media activities have become integral to today’s digital travelers. 73% of people acquire vacation ideas from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In fact, more than half of people say Twitter helped them in considering travel brands. Social media is the perfect place to know the likes of your Clients, Engage them and influence their buying patterns.

Root for Millennials
Millennials are set to become the largest spending demographic in the travel industry by 2020, it makes sense that travel agents ought to make sure they are rooting for them. Tailoring your website so that it offers a seamless experience will help keep Millennial visitors on your pages. Ensuring your site is optimised for mobile, your marketing strategy is focused on personalisation and user-generated content is utilised on your social platforms are just another few ways to target this lucrative demographic.

Be transparent
The Internet has developed very informed travellers, ones who can research everything they need to know and the industry has become a lot more transparent.
Travel agents should accept this, using their skills to help customers navigate the information they have uncovered as a way of building trust. It’s relationships that customers value if they are treading on unfamiliar ground and it’s good relationships that will keep those customers loyal in the future.


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